There are various worthy approaches

to prepare for a splendid family portrait day.

You're having your living family history captured, first let's help you make this an enjoyable process you'll want to remember. I know what looks good on you in any location. Love, confidence, sincerity, true joy and a genuine smile. Intention. Breathe, you've got this.

Next, Aesthetic. What is your style? What do you feel smashing in? What tone do you appreciate? What does your home decor beg for? I promise you that you don't want a carbon copy of your neighbors palette, matching 90's outfits nor the spectrum of yellows. So, what does look good?

I've broken every "color" rule for our tone in our family portraits...and I still love them!!!

Gallegos Family Portraits 2023...12 of us...Top to bottom on any given subject...Dressy sports coat, fancy dress, dark jeans, ribbed blouse, tennis shoes, ripped jeans, dress shoes, t-shirt, rolled up sleeve dress shirt, flip flops, polo & spike heals. We built around my crystal & gold stilettos. One piece. I had 4 dresses to choose from and I changed right before we walked out the door. Plus, everyone felt insanely amazing in what they choose.

I've taken all our portraits...until this year! Game Changer? YES!! I let go of the control. I hired a sister-friend, professional photographer, to capture our happy day.

You can see our beautiful family through her eyes here.

Rules that still apply:

*Dress the most challenging person first. One uncomfortable subject drains the scene.

*Dress Mom/Dad first. Confidence = calm vibes & real smiles...parents set the tone.

*Build your palette off one piece, two color blocks or a print with a few colors.

*Variation in fabric textures transforms a physically flat image.

Take some inspo form these families....THEN....LET GO!